“Shazam” Review

Shazam is absolutely, perfectly fine. It won’t change your world, but it’ll definitely brighten it up for two hours.


If you liked what you saw in the trailers, go see it. It’s a fun movie that lives up to its promo material and is built to amuse kids and parents alike, and the teens in between will probably get a kick out of it as well.

Every actor in the flick does a great job, and even some of the younger performers (specifically a young Asian boy) who struggle to match their peers still infuse enough passion into their performances that all shortcomings are easily forgiven. And even though the villain is one-note, two-dimensional schlock (not Mark Strong’s fault), it’s fine, because the story’s heroes have enough heart between them to make the whole two-hour journey worth it.

I can’t say much about the movie without spoiling anything, so just know that Shazam‘s marketing didn’t ruin, or even address, most of the film’s highlights. It’s not the kind of superhero romp that’ll leave you feeling like a badass a la Iron Man, and it’s not a movie with gritty, “big deal” stakes like Wonder Woman, but it’s a fun, top-tier cinema snack to chew on if you’re craving something free of politics and general dourness. Shazam is wholesome action-adventure entertainment that just about anyone can get behind.


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