The CW Is Ready to Save Television with Batwoman

The first Batwoman teaser dropped yesterday.

I saw it.

I’m shook.

Right off the bat, just looking at the casting decisions within the first thirty seconds of the trailer, I’m confident the CW has finally learned what it means to have a truly representative cast. Sure, we’re still stuck with a single grumpy, milquetoast white male, but beyond that, all I see are strong women in real positions of power. There’s a female police offer. A female public speaker. A female news reporter. A female villain. All of whom are racially diverse, might I add. The ratio of women to men is an unprecedented 4:1. Compared to the CW’s usual roster of stale, white-male-dominated television such as Arrow and The Flash, this is a welcome breath of fresh air.

And though I gush about the supporting cast, I wouldn’t dare forget to mention Ruby Rose, the star of the show. Everything about her simply screams “punk rock.” She’s unapologetic. She’s sassy. And, oh, she’s a lesbian. Not one of the quiet ones Hollywood usually uses to “subtly inject nuance” into a story, either, which is just mansplaining for “we don’t support on-screen LGBTQ depictions.” No, Ruby is loud and proud about who she is, and the trailer makes sure you know it by portraying multiple scenes of steamy girl-on-girl action.

And don’t get me started on Ruby’s dialogue. “So I have this thing with rules,” she says, as she blatantly defies the rules. And then she tells off a man who informs her Batman’s suit is literal perfection, responding that it can only be perfect once it fits a woman. One could spitefully, bitterly argue both this line and her closing line about “not letting a man take credit for a woman’s work” are both a bit empty, given that her caped crusader career hinges on her adoption of technology pioneered by the man himself, Bruce Wayne. But that argument is invalid unless the showrunners themselves go somewhere with it, because unless they decide that’s a take worth exploring, the other Batwoman fans and I don’t have to listen to it, or you, pissed off white guy reading this article. Because you are a toxic, entitled, fake “fan,” just like all those who hate on Disney’s Star Wars and Game of Thrones season 8. You’re jealous of seeing a woman succeed. And here’s the thing: We can see that motive in your words, clear as day. You’re not fooling us, no matter how many times you claim your criticisms are “legitimate.”


But let’s not dwell on negativity; this trailer is meant to foster positive vibes. It’s a new era for women, one where they’ll no longer be held back by anatomy or social standing. Batwoman‘s looking to make it known that the CW is going to be standing on the right side of history when the patriarchy finally caves in on itself, and I’m on-board.

One last thing that really psyched me up was the gender-bending of the Mad Hatter. After all, toxic masculinity tropes always ensured the Mad Hatter was as deranged and evil as could be, but swapping in a fresh female face for the role ensures that Batwoman will have a deliciously batshit insane enemy to face off against; one whose reputation doesn’t hinge on unhealthy male characteristics. I’m inclined to believe that after Johnny Depp’s whole “situation” and his failed standard white-guy take on the Mad Hatter in Disney’s recent Alice movies, the CW knew it had to go bold with its take on the character. And nothing says bold like Harley Quinn 2.0.

Those are my thoughts on Batwoman; let me know how you feel about it down in the comments. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter for more hot-off-the-press TV and movie coverage.

I messed up

It was bound to happen, and so it has: I missed my weekly post deadline. I messed up!

To those of you who read my posts and see this, know that I admit it, plain and simple. April 13th was the date I missed. April 15th is the day I’m writing this.

Thankfully, WordPress offers me the power of time travel, so no one will know of my grievous error beyond you good folks reading this right now. But I just wanted to say that I’m still committed to the weekly game, even if I can’t quite keep up with it.

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Sekiro, and Why From Software Should Eliminate Difficulty In Its Games

There’s been a lot of discussion online lately about how polarizing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s difficulty is.

Certified game journalists and industry experts have taken up one side of the topic, arguing that From Software should include an easier difficulty option so that they, average consumers, and disabled gamers can enjoy Sekiro to its fullest.

On the other side of the fence is From Software’s diehard fanbase, who feels that by offering an easy mode, From would be allowing players to experience an inferior version of the game that is plagued by ludonarrative dissonance, as it would no longer convey the game’s thematic emphasis on hardship and defeat.
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I Swear to God This Isn’t What You’re Expecting

Look, I get it, I know it’s that time of the month. This month, to be specific. But I’m not going to do it; I’ve got a real message to share with you all today.


All right, here’s the scoop:

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Why Sonic Forces’ Theme Is Called Fist Bump: Because Tails Dies

I didn’t even have the decency to give a spoiler warning for that title. And you know why? ‘Cause Aaron Webber, Sonic community brand manager, already popped the cherry on that one. Even if he was memeing all those months ago, I think there’s evidence as to why it might actually be the case and that he legitimately slipped up.


See, here’s the thing: the lyrics go “Before I say goodbye to you, one more last fist bump.” No matter how stupid and cheesy those actual words are, it’s the context behind them that matters. The whole song is about two best buddies, i.e. Sonic and Tails. “Before I say goodbye to you?” That’s someone dying, and it most certainly won’t be Sonic. And the two of them sharing one last fist bump before Tails does a heroic sacrifice of some sort? Sounds about right.

Only time will tell, however.

The same time that saw me abandon this blog for four months. I’m sorry, to the dedicated six of you out there that were curious. I’m not dead, I promise. More posts coming. Next article: Black Mirror discussion.