Review of “Red 2”

Fun fact: Red is actually a DC property. The more you know!

Since long, drawn out movie reviews are overrated, here’s a system I’ll use whenever I’m not in the mood to do the equivalent of pissing in the wind on a keyboard.

Cold, hard facts: John Malkovich is hilarious in Red 2. Bruce Willis shows his soft side in Red 2. Anthony Hopkins is far more devious than he was in Cloud Atlas, in Red 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones shows a bit of cleavage in Red 2. The movie is kind of stupid and has a lot of elderly folk plus one hip, young Korean kid.

The Good:
-John Malkovich
-Catherine Zeta-Jones cleavage
-Anthony Hopkins being daring
-Random Korean ninja

The Bad:
-Frankly, the movie itself has such a ridiculous premise and such an overabundance of stupid action sequences that none of it can be taken seriously, it feels more like a senior citizen’s wet dream than a full fledged two hour film.

The Weird:
-Bruce Willis HAS a soft side?

Well, there you have it. If you have a thing for watching old people kick ass, Red 2 is right up your alley. If you want John Malkovich (and who doesn’t), Red 2 is the movie for you. If you want anything other than those two things, steer clear of Red 2.


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