The 5 Best Movies of 2016

5.) Kubo and the Two Stringskubo-main_0

It’s an animated movie with hutzpah; something that isn’t widely promulgated these days. Featuring beautiful art direction, great music and a narrative containing serious, mature themes that will resonate with child and adult alike, Kubo is a gem in the modern day¬†animated dirt mine.

4.) The Accountantmv5bndc5mzg2ntyxnv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmjq2odawote-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_

This is on here because the first hour and a half was a remarkably delicate, thoughtful handling of a sensitive subject matter interlaced with guns, powerful flashback sequences and (against all odds) interesting mathematical content. Riveting stuff. Not to mention the second half wasn’t that bad either.



3.) Hacksaw Ridgeimg

I don’t normally watch WWII period pieces, but when I do I make sure Mel Gibson’s directing ’em.





1.) All I See Is You and The Autopsy of Jane Doe




It’s a tie! While I like All I See Is You just a tad more because it speaks to my experiences in relationships (I know, yikes) and operates on a level entirely above and beyond any other romantic drama I’ve seen, the reality of the matter is that it’s a more flawed movie than The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Jane Doe accomplishes exactly what it sets out to without a single misstep. In any case, they’re both horror masterpieces and my movies of 2016.


Review of “Hacksaw Ridge”

Imagine how insane Mel Gibson’s career would’ve been if he didn’t get put on that ridiculous blacklist.img.jpg

Here’s the nitty-gritty: Hacksaw Ridge is fantastic. A bit old-school, but fantastic. Sometimes it’s painful to watch but most of the time it’s heart-pounding or heart-warming. Go see it if you want a pacifist-themed triumph of the human spirit movie.

-Awesome documentary footage of the actual “true story” soldiers at the end that verifies virtually everything you just watched unfold in the movie
-The action is gripping and pacing is wonderful
-All of the leads are amazing. From Garfield to Weaving to Palmer to Bracey to Vince fucking Vaughn himself, all performances are top-notch.
-The jumpscares and tense moments actually keep you on the edge of your seat
-It’s corny and oldschool for the first half in the cutest way possible
-It’s brutal for the second half in the best way possible

-One particular shot of a body being lowered down a mountainside while two guys in the foreground discuss stuff is meant to be dramatic but was actually super funny and compromised the tension

Funny stuff:
-The only element that reeks of thematically-enhanced drama was when Andrew Garfield pimp-slaps a live grenade out of mid-air

Overall, great World War 2 movie with a unique perspective. Go see it. I implore you.