Gamerrob State of the Union 12/12/15

As you might have noticed, the Gamerrob name has physically vanished from this blog. In URL, in header text, in visibility as a concept. Where does it live? In our hearts, souls and minds. Don’t get it twisted, though: this blog will remain Gamerrob in its purpose, function and mission statement, the only change will be in the name it’s presented under.

Basically, here’s what went down: this shift to a more name-driven, author/actor/blogger site was long overdue and I’d been meaning to chart this new direction for a while. So when I finally came across an opportune time, in my haste I neglected to think about the repercussions of such a drastic URL and name shift. I intended to leave the actual domain as an archive, yet due to a serious error in judgment when messing around with WordPress functions beyond my current ability, I made it so that Gamerrob suffered an untimely death. I killed it.

Yet, as a phoenix rises from the ashes, so do I. This blog is still Gamerrob. The content (movie and game reviews as well as some literary stuff) will continue to be what you know and love. The sole writer behind it will continue to write. Hell, the freaking layout and fonts will remain the same. The only difference you’ll notice is a change in the domain name, as well as a slew of new, more varied content being introduced into the mix (bits of my own works being advertised throughout various places on the site). I’ll still review the things I love honestly and truthfully; you might just see various think-pieces from me now as well. If you liked what I had going before, you’ll like it now. Just understand that I’ll be adding things, experimenting and growing. Change happens, and even though I unwittingly catapulted myself into this particular instance of it at full-force, the principle stays the same. Change is inevitable, and we just need to soar alongside it to the best of our abilities. I hope you’ll be there with me to do just that.

Gamerrob Readers, Heed My Call

A lot of you read this blog, that I know for a fact. But out of my subscriber base, I am not sure how many genuinely look forward to receiving a new post here or there. So, seriously speaking, if I were to give away free copies of my first book (it’s a novella, but a tight as hell one) on here, how many of you would actually bite? When it comes out in August (6/29/15 Update: its anticipated release period is now late fall-early winter, as I’ve got some interesting plans in mind for it between now and then), would anyone here want to read it via a free digital copy? iStock_000016885438XSmall

I’m just curious and testing the waters here. If you are interested, leave a comment. Or a like. These are how I will gauge interest towards the project. I’m not doing this out of vanity, that’s not the point. I just want to see if, beyond the occasional random internet wanderer, I actually have a following that would like to see my edited, professional work, in addition to the rants and raves of the blog-sphere.

Gamerrob Video Game Artwork E-Books Now On Sale!

Not only can I review games, avid readers, I can also draw characters from them! Equipped with my trusty pen, I’ve created my first ever e-book for purchase, now on Amazon for $2.99 and not a penny more featuring five of my beautifully crafted personal sketches. Go support the book and check it out here!

Happy Halloween 2012, Gamers

Keep on rocking the candy corn and ghost costumes! Happy Halloween everyone!

Review of “The Bourne Legacy”

Ever tried to summarize an action movie to a friend in just three sentences, and the summary ends up sounding like an overdrawn piece of crap with little to no depth but lots of filler? And then your friend, based on your summary, decides to completely steer clear of the movie? That is what you should do with the Bourne Legacy. Summarize it accurately and crap-tastically to a friend, sparing them the pain of seeing it themselves.

Jason Bourne is nowhere to be found in the entire two and a half hour snooze-fest, instead, the movie follows Hawkeye- *cough* whoops, I mean “Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner). Honestly, they’re the same person in terms of physical and mental capacity. The only difference is that Hawkeye has a team of bad-asses to back him up and make his movie epic. Here, poor Aaron Cross only has Rachel Weisz (who portrays Dr. Marta Shearing), who’s makeup is constantly running the one hundred meter dash across her cheeks as eighty percent of her screen time consists of crying. And making Aaron feel like a little lab rat. Oh, and some more crying.

I don’t even need to mention the plot, as if you’ve ever seen an action/spy movie, or ever watched Fox News, you’ll get it instantly. Conspiracies, underhanded deals and betrayal. That pretty much sets the scene for Renner to run around the globe for two hours, and then have a half-hearted motorcycle chase with the asian terminator (Louis Ozawa Changchien). Worse yet, that’s the only real action sequence in the entire movie, and was so stretched out it gave Joan Rivers’ plastic surgery a run for its’ money.

Completely unrelated to previous topics, I have to *SPOILER* mention that this movie has the crappiest ending I’ve seen all year, easily on par with the original Mass Effect 3’s. Seriously, dramatic chase, bullet to the butt, screen fades, and everyone’s talking on a boat together. Then this loud-ass horn starts blaring, and you’re thinking “Oh, it’s the government, the movie is finally gonna get exciting” but then Rachel Weisz says a cheesy pick-up line to Renner and that crappy fog horn turns into the end credits music. What the flaming Bourne Legacy.

There’s nothing more really to say about The Bourne Legacy. At first, I feel bad about being so harsh and upfront about this movie, but then I remember watching it. And I lose all guilt.