Assassin’s Creed Unity is Free for a Limited Time on PC

AC Unity

I don’t really do news on here, but this is a big one: Assassin’s Creed Unity, arguably the most ambitious, gorgeous, and exuberant game Ubisoft has ever produced, is being given away for free right now (lasts until April 25th, I believe). Go get it!

Review of Depression Quest for PC — The Worst Game Ever?

While the attempt at making a game that simulates depression in earnest serves as a valiant effort, the product and fruit of the developer’s labor is one of the most abysmal games I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. I’ve actually had a headache for six hours now since playing it.

You play as a generic guy living a decent life who just refuses to be happy at anything. You then continue through the text-based journey, occasionally selecting options that will nine times out of ten lead to your character being even more depressing and bitchy. And what’s worse is that all of the situations he’s faced with aren’t even depressing, they’re just things that he makes worse for himself by being a self-absorbed mope. 

Anyway, you can choose every “ask friend for mental help” option and somehow cure your imaginary depression (supposedly my friend did it). But in all seriousness, plenty of “depressed” people learn to get over themselves eventually and don’t need the therapists and boatloads of emotional support that this game demands you ask for, so ultimately this is just a let’s-drearily-circle-jerk each other type of game. 

In conclusion, between the dreary music, shitty story progression and lacking of any sort of real fun or even basic insight into what depression ACTUALLY is, I recommend you stay FAR away from this game. If you can even call it that. 

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Review

Just yesterday, Bioware released their gutsy last attempt to reclaim fans of the Mass Effect series for their future games and profits, by giving gamers a more fleshed out and expanded set of endings to the trilogy.

All three of the previous endings received a more gratifying cinematic climax, rewarding you with the “because you chose this ending, -blank- happened” which leaves less to be infered and more to be seen and enjoyed. For example, (SPOILER) in the newly expanded synthesis ending, a soldier and a husk are dueling it out, but then a beam of green light washes over them, and because they are now both synthetic and biotic, they stop fighting and just stare at each other with understanding. It’s cool, and it definitely shows more impact and gratification than that nonsense we got a couple months back.

Unlike most, I never really cared about the Normandy scene, but it is nice to see that he wasn’t a complete wimp and that it was orders from higher up on the food chain to run. But honestly, I still don’t buy Joker running. He’s too badass and Seth Green wouldn’t allow it.

(SPOILER) And how can we review the Extended Cut without mentioning the new Mass Effect ending. The reason I call it the Mass Effect ending is because it defines the series, and allows you to decide how things play out. With the extended cinematics in the other endings which are awesome, I honestly don’t think this new ending was necessary, but it was invigorating for sure. You told the star child to screw off, and then for the briefest second he gets a devil voice and shouts “So be it”. By rejecting all of his tools and his overall game, you as Shepard end up losing the entire fight against the Reapers. But what I absolutely loved about this ending is how realistic it seemed. We lose, which is acceptable, but later cycles beat the Reapers all because of the history we left for them to learn from.

So, in conclusion, I love the new endings. I wish these could’ve been what we received with the original game, but at least we have them now and can put a great trilogy properly to rest. And will the refusal ending be made canon, so that Bioware can continue the series with the next cycle of human beings destined to end the Reaper threat?…