Rainbow Six Siege: The 10 Best and 7 Worst Operators

Rainbow Six: Siege is a competitive first-person shooter grounded heavily in tactical gameplay, and as such demands that you choose the best operator for a given job on your respective five-man team. These roles range from monitoring the enemy’s movement around objectives to jamming incoming drones before they can reveal your squad’s location, as well as a host of other vital positions in-between. But not all operators are created equal, and some can provide a much larger advantage to your squad than others. If you can have an advantage right from the character select screen, why not take it?

With the game currently undergoing an intensive slew of technical maintenance in anticipation of Fall 2017’s new operator releases, now’s a good time to brush up on who’s currently the best (and worst) in Siege’s still-expanding roster so you can best assist your team in competitive play.
17.) BEST: Valkyrie

In a game that’s all about having eyes in as many places as possible, Valkyrie’s assortment of relocatable cameras can give the defending team a massive edge on any map in Siege. To balance this out, drawbacks include that they’re destroyed easily and she only gets three total, not to mention they don’t actually impede the enemy team in any real way unlike most of her cohorts’ abilities. Still, if used wisely, Valkyrie’s cameras serve to provide intel that can end a match before it begins.

16.) WORST: MiraR6Siege-Mira

The reason Mira’s on this side of the fence isn’t through any fault of her own; her ability can be fantastic. The issue stems solely from its high liability potential. Here’s the scoop: Mira can place two one-way mirrors on walls, effectively allowing you to see the enemy but not the other way around. Additionally, you can shatter the mirrors from your side in order to fire on unsuspecting enemies. However, if the enemy has a Twitch, her drones can pop the mirrors remotely and create gaping holes in your defenses. Similarly, if your teammates aren’t very bright, they might choose to pop a mirror prematurely on your behalf, which is just as bad as dealing with a smart enemy Twitch.

15.) BEST: JagerR6_GSG9_Jager_4k_001

Jager has special devices that shoot grenades out of the air, something that really wasn’t that useful until the dawn of Glaz’s smoke-proof sniper scope. Seeing as smoke is currently Glaz’s biggest advantage, Jager serves as the only hope of destroying the sniper-friendly vapor grenades before they can detonate and render the most dangerous attacking operator invisible.

14.) WORST: TachankaTachanka_Spetsnaz

While Tachanka is a lord in the Siege meme community, he’s little more than a glass cannon in the game itself. He’s got a deployable turret that can mow down enemies with ease, but the vulnerable stance taken while using it leaves Tachanka immobile and defenseless while operating his biggest asset. He’s great for certain hallways on a select few maps, but moreso a waste of an operator on most of Siege’s battlegrounds.

13.) BEST: CavieraCaviera_model

Having a good Caviera on your team can be the biggest defensive asset in all of Siege, as her ability allows her to interrogate singled-out opponents and reveal all enemy locations on the map. The trade-off here is that she’s the least-armored operator in the game and can be easily picked off if caught alone–but in a game where knowledge is absolute power, even a chance at revealing the entire enemy team’s whereabouts is invaluable.

12.) WORST: BlackbeardBlackbeard

While he was once one of the best, he’s now one of the worst. After the most vicious nerfing to ever hit Siege, Blackbeard went from being the (arguably) strongest operator in the game to a mere afterthought during any smart player’s character selection phase, meaning the quantity of Blackbeards in ranked these days is dismal–and not without good reason. His sole perk, a rifle shield that protects his head and allows him to make all kinds of plays that are too risky for the normal operator, went from being nigh invincible to its current state of transparent eggshell, shattering after eating the daintiest of pistol bullets. The fallen king of Siege, Blackbeard is to be avoided at all costs.

11.) BEST: MuteMute_SAS

Mute’s jammers immunize reinforcements from both Thermite and Hibana’s arsenals, stop drones and prevent standard breaching charges from detonating, effectively serving as a blockade to any electronic offensive tool in the game. While he might not pack the useful sting of Bandit, Mute serves a broader range of preventative measures in ensuring your team’s security.

10.) WORST: PulseR6_SWAT_Pulse

Pulse can scan enemies through walls, which should be a huge asset. But given how slowly he deploys his heartbeat scanner and how long it takes to put away, there’s an outstanding chance the enemy on the other side will have already rounded the corner and killed you in the seconds it took to identify them in the first place.

9.) BEST: HibanaR6Siege-Hibana

While she’s essentially a weaker version of Thermite, she’s still one of only two operators that can destroy reinforced walls in any capacity. Couple that with her ability to detonate her unique breaching rounds remotely as well as lay claymore traps and she’s a decent ranged alternative to Thermite, and utterly essential on any team lacking the former. If you have both on your team however, she can serve her primary function as a hatch-maker, burning little holes in reinforcements for characters such as Glaz to snipe through.

8.) WORST: BuckTom_Clancy's_Rainbow_Six_Siege_Buck

Buck is not only one of the worst operators in the game, but also one of the least imaginative: he has a shotgun attached to the barrel of his rifle and nothing more. Mira and Jackal both have pocket shotguns and that’s just the third best thing about both of them, whereas said shotty is Buck’s primary selling point. The kicker? The gun his entire profile hinges on isn’t even good, being one of the most spastic and short-ranged weapons in the game balanced only by its high damage output. Continue reading


Dead Space 3 Tip Guide

Haven’t made one of these in a while.


Tool Bench Tip: Have some excess circuits that you’re not planning on using for your weapons? Well, you can sell those circuits for stuff like scrap metal and transconductors, which are essential in making a good rig or gun attachment. This might not seem too important early on, but pawning off your spare circuits every so often is what’ll get you a fully upgraded rig by the end of the campaign. On a side note, really try to scavenge those aforementioned transconductors, as they’re a high-demand low-quantity resource (pro tip for rig building).

Achievement Tip: “There’s Always Peng”
You can get this achievement in Chapter 14’s side mission where you explore some derelict barracks. When you go through said barracks, you’ll come across a set of pistons that you need to stasis and then run through. When you exit the first piston tube you come across, turn around and look at the slits the piston is coming out of. There, you’ll see a minuscule statuette that you need to stasis-levitate towards you. Once you’ve done that, pick it up and BAM! There’s Always Peng.

Glitch tip: I’m not sure if you can force this glitch to occur, but I feel like it’s probable. In a certain chapter you have to build a story-specific probing gun to collect data from within a giant monster. Once you collect all the parts for said gun, find a bench that’s not directly en route to the objective. Then, put the gun in your secondary weapon slot. If you save and quit right after you’ve done this, the game will save the weapon you built. When you reload your game, you’ll have the gun but also retain the parts to make a duplicate. Do that, then continue the mission ’til you’re inside the beast and about to collect data. Once you get in there, you’ll notice no story dialogue activates and a lot of textures are missing. Congrats, you’ve officially lead the game to believe you never successfully built the gun and thus skipped the transition between chapters. This will ultimately result in you having to reload your previous checkpoint, but it’s fun for the giggles.

Anarchy Reigns Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Since I haven’t done it in a while, I’m going to advertise my Youtube. So here’s the pitch: Been wanting some Anarchy Reigns multiplayer footage to decide whether this game is worth your time or not? Well want no more! I, Gamerrob, have filmed a match of Anarchy Reigns Death Ball multiplayer with live commentary for your viewing pleasure. Check it out here!anarchy-reigns-20110608101154584-3468692

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Tip Guide

Not quite ready to do a full-blown XCOM review, but a tip guide is definitely in order. What important tips for this turn-based alien invasion simulation have I discovered, you ask? Read on to find out.468px-Situation

Gameplay tip: This applies throughout the entire game. If you have a guy who’s behind weak cover and you want to put him out in the open for a chance at finishing off an enemy, be sure to save first. Now, this might sound like a dummy tip, but it allows you to try different positions multiple times over until you finally get one that finishes off the alien. After all, there’s nothing more rage-inducing than when you forget to save and your only colonel-rank troop gets his head shot off during a wannabe bad-ass moment. It’s just not fun. Not one bit.

Gameplay tip: Build as many freakin’ satellite uplinks and satellites as you can, and do this early on. Initially you might see no reason to, but they are literally the only thing stopping you from losing the entire game after your second hour of play. So the minute you can start constructing buildings, those are what you need to build—and be smart about which countries you send the satellites to, as each has a different set of perks they’ll give you. I personally found Africa and South America to have the best perks, both of which granted large scientist/engineer bonuses.

Dishonored Tip Guide Part 2

Dishonored Tip Guide Part 2. For Part 1, click here.

Achievement Tip: To get “Speed of Darkness” for 10 gamerpoints, you’ll need the level 2 Bend Time upgrade. Once you have it, find a straight path at the Hound Pits Pub, freeze time, and run at max speed until time runs out. Throwing in blinks with this method will also work (to be on the safe side), and either way you can nab the achievement.

Gameplay Tip: After *SPOILER* mission 5 where you finish off the Lord Regent and end up in the flooded district, there’ll be these fat bulbous plant-things that shoot green muck at you. The only way I know to dispose of them is with well-thrown grenades (possibly springrazors too, but I haven’t tried those). Just a small gameplay tip if you’re wondering how to finish them off so you don’t have to worry about their annoying projectiles.

Gameplay Tip: Endless rat swarm isn’t a power, but it can be if you have Gamestop’s “Arkane Assassin” pre-order pack. To “unlock” endless rat swarm, equip the pre-order bone charm “gutter feast” and fully upgrade the rat swarm power. Then, whenever you choose to use rat swarm, be sure to eat all of the available white rats once the fight you summoned them for is over. This will almost always result in completely filled mana afterwards, allowing you to spam rat swarm.

Dishonored Tip Guide

A quick tip guide to help you in Dishonored:

Achievement Tip: “Hornet’s Nest” is a tricky achievement to get. Not hard, but tricky. You need level 2 Bend Time and a lot of crossbow bolts, but it can be done. The best place to do this, I found, is in the part of the Golden Cat mission (before you actually get to the Golden Cat) where there’s the first Wall of Light you encounter in-game. Climb on top of the train car inches in front of it, and wait until four enemies appear on-screen. Then, freeze time, auto-aim for the guards’ heads, and shoot at least two bolts at each. By that point time will have unfrozen itself, and four freshly killed bodies will drop to the ground simultaneously. Oh, and an achievement will pop.

***Ultimate Dishonored Easter Egg/Jack-ass Moment***: This isn’t necessarily an easter egg, but a really amusing thing that Arkane Studios slipped into the game. Alright, so right after the Kaldwin’s bridge mission, roam around the Hounds Pit Pub until you run across the bathing room. You’ll spot Pierro, your tech-guy, peeping on Callista, the maid who is taking a bath. He pleads to you not to tell her, and you can respond however you want. But after that, you can actually walk in to the bathroom, tell her about Pierro, and even flirt with her. It’s hilarious. But here’s the best part: If you hop into the tub with her (by crouching and vaulting yourself in) she’ll scream, hop out, and you’ll get a game over screen that reads something to the tune of “The loyalist conspiracy has been disbanded due to irreconcilable hostilities”. <—- Dishonored is now my GOTY.

The Top 5 Ways to End The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

After spending a good one hundred hours (or more) saving the province of Skyrim from peril, defeating ancient evils and helping out countless citizens, what else is there for a hero to do?

Why, destroy the kingdom, of course!

5.) Assassin’s Creed everything. Play some good ‘ol hide-and-go-seek with town guards while killing all non-essential NPCs along the way. You’ll need some high-end sneak skills, a lot of good perks and some great assassin armor, but when the killing sprees get going it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

4.) Make your own personal army and raid the town. Basically, imagine if the A-Team swapped out Mr. T with a dragon. Examples of a good personal army include, but are not limited to: a heftily-armored companion, the Sanguine Rose (a Daedric artifact that summons a Dremora Lord), an armored troll (Dawnguard DLC exclusive), the Spectral Assassin, Odahviing the Dragon and a conjured flame atronach. And if you have Shadowmere, the Dark Brotherhood horse, throw him into the mix as well. If there were such a thing as a cookbook for destruction, this’d produce the ultimate souffle.

3.) Flame on! The master destruction spells are practically useless—with the exception of committing mass murder against innocent townspeople. The process is simple: get on top of a fairly high, hard-to-reach structure in any town, then unleash hell’s fury. Watch as women, soldiers and Argonians alike meet their doom at the flames of your homemade inferno. And if you have enough magic, you can repeat this with different elements to change seasons in a matter of seconds (I personally got three fire storms and two blizzards in before having to recharge magicka).

2.) You are getting sleepy, veeeerrryyyy sleeeeeepy. That’s right, jedi mind-tricking people. This one requires a bit of work, as you need master illusion spells as well as the trio of illusion perks on the far right side of their respective skill tree. But the effort’s well worth it, as when you get on top of a market stall and launch frenzy, all the townsfolk will drop everything and start stabbing anyone—and anything—in sight. When you follow it up with #3 on this list, it’s like getting a pony for Christmas. An Avatar the Last Airbender jedi pony.

1.) FURRY WRATH! Remember all those guards who taunted you with “you smell like wet dog,” “is that fur coming out of your ears” and other lycanthropy-related racial jabs? Well, they won’t think you’re man’s best friend after you rip their heads off. This’ll only be a cakewalk of delicious blood and gore if you have the majority of Werewolf perks (Dawnguard DLC required), but when your howl alone makes everyone run to a corner and cry, life is swell. Oh, and  throwing a guard outside city walls is pretty awesome by itself.

Well, that’s it, folks. Hope you enjoyed these morbid and shockingly entertaining ways to wrap up your Skyrim character’s life and screw over your master save file!