Cold War 2395 is live

The day is finally here. After years of writing and toiling with the insufferable WordPress (it’s incredible how, without fail, each interface update makes it worse!), I can finally put this blog to good use and reveal its true purpose: To promote my debut science fiction novel, Cold War 2395.

It’s a big twist on the classic U.S. v. Russia narrative setup that features robot panthers, rocket boots, spaceships, and just about everything else you could want in some breezy weekend reading material.

If I never update this blog again (I will, most likely, but just in case…) and this is my last post, I want this to be the domain’s swan song. If you like to read, I implore you, give the story a shot. Hopefully it’ll bring you entertainment and take you somewhere exciting for a few sweet, suspenseful hours. That’s why it was written, after all.

And who knows, maybe I’ll have posts advertising other stories in the future. They’re already written, too.

10/27/22 update: As predicted, a new story is live and waiting to be seen by you!


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