Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2015

Let’s take out the trash before we celebrate the gems, of which there were very few this year. It’s been a bad one for gaming, unless you’re a sucker for good action RPGs (not that that’s a bad thing, they’re just not my type of experience).

10.) Arkham Knight (Disappointment: All platforms)batmanthumb

Totally ignoring the fact that the PC port was GARBAGE, I mean, just downright unacceptable (Warner Bros. offered no-questions refunds for half a fucking year it was so bad!), the game itself is just “meh”. The story is predictable and the only highlight is the very final five second cutscene. Not to mention the absurd writing. If the Arkham Knight had put a single man in any of his drones Batman would commit suicide and this whole game would be over before it began. And the god-damned batmobile, oof. You guys remember the Transformers: Dark of the Moon tie-in game? Half of Arkham Knight is that thanks to the batmobile. It works in Transformers because of the property, but here? No.

9.) Rainbow Six: Siege (Disappointment: PC)R6S_Screenshot_2_196930

It’s actually a pretty great game; good fun and all that jazz. And I only paid $20 for it, so the fact it made it on here is still pretty impressive given my forgiving price bias. Here’s the skinny: Ubisoft broke the ranked matchmaking system and if there’s one thing Ubisoft is known for, it’s NOT FIXING WHAT THEY BREAK. So, I can assume ranked will never recover, in an online-only multiplayer game where that’s half the appeal. Great.

8.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)Star-Wars-Battlefront-3-Beta-Darth-Vader-Hoth

It’s a cut-content EA/DICE cashgrab piece of shit name-dragging dead horse of a beloved franchise.

7.) Mortal Kombat X (Disappointment: PC)Mortal_Kombat_X_Cover_Art

When I initially reviewed the PC version, the game worked fine. Then High Voltage released update #2 a few weeks later and SHATTERED THE GAME. Shit was locking itself off for no reason, multiplayer lobbies were bugged to hell, THE GAME RANDOMLY REINSTALLED ITSELF AT WILL and the devs needed to issue 15GB PATCHES for their shit. I mean, inept is one thing, but High Voltage is something else entirely. I hope every dev in that studio stubs a toe once a week for the rest of their lives. Idiots. This is Warner Bros.’ second strike this year alone, and considering Arkham Knight was bad enough to be two… yeah. Death to WB.

6.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)

Fuck 4 main maps at launch and only one more as free DLC. This whole game should be a fucking DLC.

5.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)

Fuck having no classes or meaningful customization options whatsoever, functional OR cosmetic.

4.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)

Fuck the token vehicle system and the lack of multi-piloted vehicles. Not to mention the lack of them in the first place.

3.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)

Fuck the sixty dollar price tag for a game worth a third of that.

2.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)

Fuck the season pass concept that offers more content than the main game.

1.) Battlefront (Disappointment: All Platforms)Star-Wars-Battlefront-3-Beta-Darth-Vader-Hoth

Fuck EA. Fuck DICE. This isn’t Battlefront, this is some Xbox Live Arcade shooter you spat a Star Wars paintjob on and called a beloved franchise’s name.

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