Review of “The Peanuts Movie”

Simply put, it’s good. It’s wholesome, good fun that hearkens back to the era of Schulz comic strips with a lot of love put in to recapturing the same magic his artwork did all those years ago. Some of the original Peanuts comics are actually implemented in the movie (like, directly in there, even the artwork itself) in very clever ways, and a LOT of homages to the classic Peanuts holiday specials are present. The opening shot of the movie and the Christmas cartoon special are identical, to give you an easy example. Same music, visuals, everything. But that’s not to say the movie doesn’t have its own identity, as while the first half is chock full of throwback references, the second half really carves out its own story for Charlie Brown.Snoopy-and-Charlie-Brown-2nd-Teaser-Quad-600x4501-600x450

The two movie-ized aspects of the flick are as follows: a bit more slapstick is implemented solely to amuse the kids, as this is a G rated movie, and the movie is essentially divided into one-third Snoopy two thirds Charlie Brown; the former existing to, again, entertain the kids. With that said, parents and anyone old enough to sport the personality trait of “jaded” will get a kick out of Charlie Brown’s character in this movie. My favorite line was when he said “I’ve come down with a horrible case of inadequacy.” Oh, Charlie Brown.

And that’s the movie’s best selling point for adults: the characters. The film really does a great job of staying true to the characters while enlivening them just enough to meet today’s standards. Peppermint Patty, for example, has a phrase or two of today’s slacker lingo implemented, but her character is still totally on-point with her original iterations. Lucy is still a total (you get the idea) with a heart buried somewhere deep down below, and Charlie Brown is still our unlikely hero who never truly succeeds no matter how hard he tries. Also, Marcie, Linus and Schroeder are all awesome and really get time to shine. And *SPOILER* they take away Pigpen’s dirt for half a second briefly!!! *SPOILER OVER* What I’m saying is, it’s nuts how much effort they put into fleshing out everyone from the classic roster. It’s even more nuts that they succeed on all counts. It’s PEAnuts, haha, heh… yeah nevermind. My point is, it’s a good movie. Enjoy it with the family. It does total justice to the source material. They even chopped the framerate to give it the visual pacing style present in the cartoon specials. My nostalgia was tickling so hard throughout the whole thing.


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