Well, It’s Official: Star Wars Battlefront… Sucks

Here we go. First chance for me to give it a spin and not be reduced to giving armchair commentary on the shoddy looking E3 gameplay. So, how do I MYSELF think it plays after having gone into it and rustled every jimmy the beta had to offer?Star-Wars-Battlefront-3-Beta-Darth-Vader-Hoth

In short, as I predicted yet hoped would prove me wrong, it sucks. I mean, wow. After playing one round as the rebels and one as the empire for variety’s sake, I literally had no desire to play another match. Not a good sign.

Here’s the skinny: the core shooting lacks any sort of impact and feels more arcade-y than the original Star Wars Battlefront‘s, I’m not even shitting you. It feels like you’re shooting harmless light beams at beanbags rather than people in this game. The jumping is stiff and allows for little improvisation, and you can’t prone at all from what I know. Unreal. Not to mention that even for a beta the weapon variety is terrible. DICE has made no indications that the full game will include more than one class for each side (meanwhile, SWBF2 had six), meaning the pathetic four guns on display here might be all you get in the final product. What the fuck. Also, a nitpick on the controls: you have to manually swap from first person to third person every time you respawn. I had to click and hold “c” every damn time. Why can’t we just set a first or third person preference like in Strike Vector?

So that’s the shooting. Moving on to vehicles, well, good luck even getting in one. DICE had the brilliant idea to make every rare item, vehicle and hero a power-up unlockable that appears completely randomly somewhere on the field. Do you love the memories you have of SWBF2‘s intense dogfights? Well, good luck finding a fucking power-up token on the ground to even access the goddamn ship, let alone learn its controls and pilot it tactfully. The same goes for the AT-AT and the AT-ST.

To be fair, the one thing I actually liked about this beta was the idea they were going for with the AT-AT. Had that been the ONLY vehicle to require a power-up token to access, I would’ve loved the idea. Since in SWBF1 whoever piloted the AT-AT was a bit of an overpowered jerk-off, it was a nice idea DICE tried to implement to limit any individual’s time with the most powerful vehicle on the map, constrained also by the fact that it’s on rails. But, to reiterate, DICE fucked up when they made every vehicle restricted by this token gimmick.

This also means I didn’t get a single chance to play as the hero or villain, that’s right. Not one minute of Vader or Luke action to be had, because it’s all based on randomly spawning token bullshit rather than skill. You know, skill, that concept SWBF2 rewarded you for performing by letting you play as a hero or villain after pulling off incredible battle feats. Not just randomly doling out the reward to whatever moron was lucky enough to stumble across a fucking token.

Last major complaint is how unbalanced the main mode on display is. Walker Assault HEAVILY favors the empire side. I won both my matches on both sides, but as rebels our team pulled out a victory with literally seconds to go. On the empire side, we won virtually hands down without much of a struggle. In other words, the empire side has a gross advantage. Does DICE even play test this shit?

UPDATE 10/9/15: I’ve gone ahead and created a list of simple suggestions for how DICE can fix Walker Assault mode. My expanded thoughts on the beta, especially the vehicular gameplay, are included as well.

As for the other modes, there’s some tacky 8v8 COD-wannabe mode I gave one whirl. It’s essentially a smaller, vastly less interesting TDM mode which emphasizes the weak gameplay on display in this beta. The only marginally cool part was how the map was on Sullust, a map SUPPOSED to be on a volcanic ice planet. Yet, the map has no lava. Or volcanoes. Or ice/snow. It’s a fucking mud-crater map. Laaaaaaaaaaaame. Like, seriously, it’s as though DICE went out of their way to make a cool concept for a planet the most boring thing possible.

The other mode in the beta is survival, a single player or co-op experience where you defend yourself against waves of generic stormtroopers and once in a while an AT-ST. It’s six waves of utter meh, the same survival/horde mode nonsense you’ve seen in dozens of third person shooters over the last decade.

So, yeah. I’m gonna be honest, I’m getting good enough at this “reading E3 footage” to accurately figure out my opinions on a game just by watching, as my impressions when I posted my Top 5 Reasons Star Wars Battlefront Will Suck post turned out to be entirely accurate to how I feel now, fresh off having played the beta firsthand. In fact, I’m slightly more bitter about the game now after having found out every vehicle, useful power-up and hero character can only be accessed through fucking tokens. That is the worst idea I’ve ever seen implemented in a multiplayer game, like, honestly.

Who wants to bet if you spend $3.99 in-game EA will grant you a five-pack of hero tokens?


30 thoughts on “Well, It’s Official: Star Wars Battlefront… Sucks”

  1. I don’t think the beta was THAT bad to be honest. I thought the gun play was good and the rebel/imperial star ships had pretty good controls.

  2. At least EA was kind enough to let everyone in on the beta, so they could see what a steaming pile this game is compared to its predecessors. I changed my mind from 100% getting it, to 100% not getting it after how much I feel they have ruined this franchise.

  3. Exactly my opinion man, mainly there is no replay-ability factor. I would only add to your “review” the fact that hit detection still follows that great EA tradition – 1 shot in the foot you die 100 in the eye you smile and the terrible spawning either with 5 enemies behind you or on the opposite side of the map.

    Spot on article.

    1. LOL, super valid point about the hit detection. That’s essentially where I was drawing my beanbag analogy from, the sense of how shoddy the hitboxes were on character models. I appreciate your more literal and concise mention of it here so that readers will get a clearer take on the issue.

    2. You’re completely wrong. Headshots in this game clearly do MUCH more damage than body shots. Play the game and pay attention before saying shit about it.

      1. You seem awfully defensive about a game that’s disappointed the internet ’round. You work at DICE? It seems I’ve hit a nerve.

  4. You could not have said this any better. I thought I was the only one super pissed off about the battle tokens. This is the dumbest fucking thing EA and dice could ever do with this game. I can’t believe I have to search THE ENTIRE GODAMN MAP for a hero token so I can finally play as darth vader or luke skyjacker because they have been talking so much about how good they are yet I cant even fucking play as them because EA and dice decided to scatter powerups randomly across the map and we all have to run around searching for them like fucking dogs hoping we get the one we want. How hard EA how hard would it have been toput in a training mode so we could test out the hero’s or at least test out the vehicles to get a feel for the game. I really hope you get rid of these damn tokens but I know you probably wont. I’m disappointed I don’t know what else to say.

  5. I was actually really upset how sucky this game is. I would have so been happy to just have a remake of the old battlefront. Not a remake of shitty battle field. God i looked forward since i bought the ps4 for this game. Its like wanting a new starwars movie, but getting episode one, and all you can be is jarjar binks.

    Complete crap

  6. I’ve been patiently waiting for a sequel to battlefront since the second one came out all those years ago!
    Since hearing about the new battlefront, I’ve had a growing sense of dread…. No campaign, a multiplayer designed by the same people who pop out a new COD/battlefield game every 6 weeks and a single player function that stinks of dog shit.
    A couple days ago, I got the beta and all those assumptions rang true. This artical capitalizes on all the stinky shit about battlefront, with a few exceptions.

    Numerous times I shot a bad guy about 6 times with the E-11 blaster and was met with a sour taste in my mouth as the same baddy turned around and shot me ONCE for a kill, and he was using a weaker gun than my own!
    That happened so much in fact, I nearly deleted the beta right then and there.
    After finally securing an ATAT power-up, I had the great displeasure of discovering the aiming retical has no bearing on where the blaster shots go. At all.
    It was like watching storm troopers from episode 4 try and hit the broad side of a barn!
    Numerous times I FINALLY achieved the hero power-up, only to be shot in the back ONE TIME and killed by someone across the map who wasn’t even in my range of view. Explain that one dice. I’d loooooooove to hear the explanation there. So I figured I’d at least get to use the incredibly rare power-up upon my respawn! Nope. It’s gone.
    Fuck you dice. Fuck you EA.
    Instead of doing bullshit lazy research on how to get out of doing a single-player campaign, why don’t you spend more than a nickel on a piece of shit beta where you don’t intend to change a single damn thing!!

    The single player part was so fun! I literally sat in one place and watched every idiot storm trooper run up to me, miss, stop firing and then stand there looking like the dumb shits they are.
    It was pathetically easy to mow all of them down without any strategy whatsoever.
    This is pathetically obvious that dice threw in the single player portion with literally zero effort; the AI is so dumb, an infant could win with its eyes closed.
    What is the fucking point of a last stand when all the fuck-tards run right at you in the wide open and die without a hint of a challenge!?
    They told you it was a last stand for the rebels! It’s actually a last stand for the dozens of imperials, since they die in one shot to the foot and make no effort to avoid it.

    You cannot be too hard on this beta, there is a month or so until launch and the game is a complete piece of shit.
    The “survey” I took after giving the game a solid 1 on the recommend to a friend scale had zero input on the issues that mattered! “The vehicles didn’t feel authentic” what the fucking shit is that??????????????????
    No, dice, the vehicles were hunks of shit that can’t hit ANYTHING.
    Authentic? Fucking Christ…
    For anyone hoping this game will be significantly improved before launch is going to be significantly disappointed.
    This game is going to be the death of future starwars games.

    Say hello to COD black ops 789000000.
    The exact same game, with an extra zero at the end.
    But you can get some different weapon skins and new maps! For an additional 100$ dollars on top of the game.

    Fuck everything.

  7. Are you fucking retarded? You said ‘literally’ way too much in the beginning, you are clearly biased as fuck, and you have no idea what you’re talking about. First of all, there IS a way to change your point of view, and if you weren’t fucking stupid you would know that. And you REALLY couldn’t learn some of the most simple flying controls ever? What the fuck is wrong with you? There are vehicle tokens everywhere, which shows you clearly didn’t even play much of the game. One game as the rebels, one as the imperials, and you think you have a right to judge the game? The rebels can easily win against the Imperials, if the players actually went for the objectives and didn’t have fucking retards like you playing for them. Do you even know what the objective for the rebels are? And about the hero pickups, having them as tokens is completely fucking fine. A score streak of some sort might have been nice, but the last thing we need is that asshole try hard camping and sniping going 40-0 becoming an unstoppable tank!
    Think before you write shit like this, and maybe play the game for more than an hour.
    You’re a biased piece of shit that knows nothing about the fucking game, so what the fuck makes you think you can say anything about it? Asshole.

    1. Read the updated article posted after this, champ. Also, most people seem to agree with me. So, enjoy being the vocal minority — there’s a vocal majority to drown you out.

      1. 10 people agreed with you. Wow, most people must support your opinion then right?
        The reasons everyone is giving for hating the game are all stupid, but let’s look at yours.
        8v8 Cod wannabe. Ok then. Because it’s a smaller map, with an objective, it’s therefore a Cod wannabe? Are you fucking serious? The game is nothing like Call of Duty at all, once again showing how fucking stupid you are. As for the game mode, I don’t see how it’s like Call of Duty, but that’s somehow what you think, so I guess it’s just your opinion.
        As for the horde mode, the only difficulty you could play was the easiest one, and for only a certain number of rounds. It would’ve been nice to be able to have more of a look at it, but we couldn’t. So stop judging this like it’s the full game.
        Once again, you are clearly biased as fuck, you’ve clearly barely played the game, and you’re judging it likes it’s supposed to be the full experience. Just fuck off with these shit articles that make absolutely no fucking sense, because you have no clue what you’re talking about. But hey, what can I say? You’re probably the kind of person that loves Call of Duty.

      2. You watched fantastic 4 2 times and liked it. Your opinion on anything and everything is now meaningless.

      3. haha just played the full version and it was a piece of shit. had it for a couple hours and now im fucking bored out of my mind. This game sucks

  8. In Star Wars: Battlefront, the single player “battle” has the most grotesque and disgusting implementations in the history of gaming. How you win is not by destroying the enemy. Its by picking up “Tokens” after youve defeated that opponent. Your kill does not count until youve picked up the fucking “token”. They disappear very quickly, and if not picked up in time, IT COUNTS AS A KILL FOR THE OTHER FUCKING TEAM. This is what I call complete and utter bullshit. Who wants to leave cover in the middle of battle and run directly into enemy fire to recover said stupid fucking tokens? Not I DICE. I paid 60$ for this shitty game and now I’m taking it back. There is no realism in this game. Nothing immersive. No classes to choose from. No settings to tweak with while offline. Luke Skywalker sounds like Bruce Jenner. DICE needs to look at StarWars: Battlefront II, because Lucas Arts SHIT better games than this.

    1. Now you see where I was coming from months ago. This isn’t an “I told you so” moment for me, it’s more of a hand-on-your-shoulder thing as you join me in understanding just how much legacy they shit on with this cash grab. $60 for an incomplete Battlefront knock-off with a central focus on token gimmicks.

  9. This game is garbage! Bare minimal content comparred to the prevous titles let alone anyother game on the market currently.
    I was soo excited for this game last year but as release date got closer it seemed to showing classic EA signs of cash grabbery. Stripped out content for DLC mugs and preorders.

    This game is now just a shell of it former glory Hidden behind rose tinted glasses of nostalgia for me.

    But I am really surprised it is EA after all…..

  10. The most disappointing experience in gaming for me. would have much rather got SWB2 with no changes.I wont even give the next one that’s already in production a first look.I feel bad because i recommended this game to my friends before it came out and they bought it and now we don’t talk about it….FUCK YOU EA AND DICE REALLY JUST FUCK YOU!

    1. Mistake number one, bro. Never recommend shit by EA unless you’ve already played it and can vouch for it personally. But I agree, a SWBF2 remaster would’ve been sick.

  11. This game sucks. Like many others waited and was overtly disappointed. What a content dry pile of shit. I’ve never left a comment but this games failure deserved one. Graphics are good the game it’s coding and content is shit. In the famous words of Trion company, “we’re sorry”.

    1. Except for DICE and EA aren’t sorry. They know they can continue to fuck people over mercilessly because most people are idiots. You, myself and most others in this comments section will have to act as the dikes that stop their figurative tidal wave of villainy.

    1. Glad to know the good words of common sense preached here have been useful in your decision-making. Also, digging the username, haha.

  12. Yeah, I can’t agree with you enough through words. I’m just pleased they released a beta before I let nostalgia and hope drive me into another impulsive waste of 100$s.

    The gaming industry as a whole lately (read: “for the last decade”) is a fucking mess though. CoD rules the yard, everyone wants to turn their game into that one. Destiny was refreshing for a bit, but not because of the game itself, for the co-op centric design. My wife lost her mind every time I put it in because she outright couldn’t fathom “why [I] would want to play the same 3 maps over and over, day after day”. And it’s hard to explain to someone that isn’t a game the mind numbing repetition is the only reason some games exist, because it lets you go into auto-pilot, and you can turn your brain off.

    I was expecting BF3 to at least harness that, but holy shit, it’s like they set out to make the most boring, mediocre in every way game they could manage with the SW IP. You framed my at that moment commentary nearly verbatim in your review. “Wtf am I using for a gun, a last point?” “Why do the explosions seem so lackluster?” “Is it just me or is this game in .25% speed?” “I hate CoD but I would pay money for a killstreak reward to liven things up right now, I’d love to see imperial attack dogs tearing into these rebels… OOOH! I WISH I COULD SUMMON A RANCOR OR SOMETHING!!! THAT WOULD BE THE BOMB! … FUCK THIS GAME!”

    I played through 1.5 matched and uninstalled the beta. It’s just sad that this could happen to be honest, they had the budget, they had the IP, this should have been a 0 sum to CoD expectations at the least. The fact that a boring pile of shit like CoD 3 is more riveting than BF3 is an outright shame, as well as a staggering disappointment to me as a fan; which is to not mention that’s a “shiniest of two turds” comparison.

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