Just Saw “Fantastic Four” A Second Time. Still Great.

Loved it just as much as I did in my initial review. I was worried that maybe my original perceptions of the film had been tainted by a desire to be contrarian to the masses. So, seeing it a second time and more acutely aware of its flaws, I have to say that by and large, my opinions on the movie are exactly the same. It’s essentially a better version of Interstellar‘s first two acts with some comic book action at the tail end, and I love that.


Only opinion of mine that’s changed since my first viewing is that the final fight is somewhat lacking upon a second watch, though one-time viewers won’t really notice this as they’ll be too swept up in seeing it for the first time to really break down how weak it seems by comparison.

AND a second watch has helped me to reaffirm that people saying there was no Sue-Reed chemistry don’t know what they’re talking about. The library scene, the ear-flick/Doom is jealous scene, and at the end of the movie Sue puts her hand on Reed’s shoulder as they look at the *spoiler* massive crater from the planet Zero warp hole. Sure, it’s not obnoxiously in your face like most superhero movies, but it’s subtle and plants the seeds for a potential relationship. It’s… I dunno… REALISTIC. Pay closer attention, people. Understand that Trank made this a nuanced and subtle movie rather than the light, frothy action comic book flick you’ve come to expect.

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