Review of “Jurassic World” (in 3D)

It’s got dinosaurs. It’s got balls. It’s a pretty good movie, too. vuljydbeefmco0ezptwh

Jurassic World goes where I was hoping it would go, as a LOT of humans get rekt when the Indominus Rex breaks loose. And that’s not a spoiler, because I never said Indominus was the one that did the damage, either. Point is, if you go into this wanting to see nothing more than some silly humans get torn up by dinosaurs, you’ll leave satisfied. Hence, why I am satisfied. In terms of plot, there are some small contrivances here and there, but otherwise, everything is explained pretty well and thoroughly enough to not pull you out of the experience.

One thing that caught me off guard is that Bryce Dallas Howard’s scream is better than either of the two kids’ screams. When I saw her losing her shit, I bought it. The kids were good, but it’s like they only gave one good scream before deciding the Indominus wasn’t that scary anymore.

The animatronics that were present were pretty great, though I only really noticed, if I am correct, two. Otherwise, the CGI is so-so. If anything, this makes me look forward to Star Wars: Episode 7 a lot more now that I am reminded just how valuable practical effects are.

Chris Pratt is cool, but it’s not like anyone wasn’t already expecting that going into Jurassic World.

One last thing worth mentioning: don’t bother with 3D. 3D has never really been worth it, and this movie does nothing to change my stance on the matter. It’s just a couple of extra dollars down the drain for some so-so pop out nonsense.


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