Review of Mortal Kombat X (iPad Version)

While I wait for the Steam version, the full-fledged version of MKX, to download via the shitty new system Steam has decided to implement, I took a look at the mobile companion game to see if it was decent. Surprise, it’s the same crappy fighter that the mobile Injustice app was, that the WWE Immortals game was, and that even the Batman: Arkham Origins mobile game was (even though that wasn’t by NR. Or was it?). They’re all the same shitty game for mobile, this one just has a hell of a lot more grinding involved.maxresdefault

You climb ladders, figuratively speaking, to progress. Each rung has a new fight on it where you have to beat opponents, who almost always have INSANELY better stats than you, solely to drive you into buying better fighters with real cash or to go grinding for an eternity. Both options suck, majorly.

If you were expecting a well put-together review with gorgeous syntax and proper grammar, sorry to disappoint, this is just me rambling off the cuff about how “meh” this game is. It looks mad pretty, but underneath that initial facade is a deceitfully lacking mobile game. Lacking by mobile standards. Think about that.

Fun fact: you can count the number of fatalities allowed for the duration of the entire game on one hand. You can only execute them on bosses, who only pop up once out of every couple hundred fights. Other than that, no fatalities whatsoever. Lame.

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