Avengers: Age of Ultron Character Death Confirmed?

So, Joss and the team at Marvel keep hinting at a death in the upcoming Age of Ultron movie, which would be a nice change of pace from the “near death late movie revive” trick that they keep using (Coulson, Fury, Bucky, etc.). Seriously, that stunt got old before its first use was finished. Anyway, a perma-death is being rumored. So who can this potentially be, accounting for contracts and future movies in the MCU that we already know about?

One candidate remains, after future movie contracts are considered: Quicksilver.

Some of you might be wondering why Hawkeye isn’t on there, the most expendable-looking Avenger, but that’s because two days ago he was confirmed for Civil War. Otherwise, he’d be a prime candidate for that list.

Let’s analyze the evidence as to why Quicksilver has reason to be worried.

First off, the scene from the first trailer with Scarlet Witch on her knees howling. The death of her brother could cause this. Namely, Ultron will kill Quicksilver convincing Scarlet to hop sides to the Avengers, which we already know happens. Secondly, Quicksilver is nowhere to be seen during that final top-down shot in the third trailer when every other Avenger is present (although he might be running the perimeter or something outside the shot). Thirdly, Aaron Taylor-Johnson openly admits he doesn’t like doing sequel work, and since this is his first appearance in the MCU… draw your own conclusions on that one. Finally, couple that last reason with the fact that he’s a new face with not a whole lot of character development (one cameo in a credit scene) and Joss’d have an easy time passing off his one-shot death as a “major” death since he is a principle character, just not one essential to previous or future Marvel flicks.

A Hulk death might been in the playing cards, only because it would be a ballsy move for Marvel, and they do tend to make those. However, given Ruffalo’s six movie deal and character popularity, it’s hard to see Marvel volunteering that kind of a loss. On the other end of the spectrum is the potential for a Hulk exodus, which, while not a death, would be a loss of a major character in a way. By the end of the movie they could fling him off to space for a GotG2 cameo, although James Gunn doesn’t want this based on certain reports, so maybe it could be an eventual Planet Hulk starter and see Hulk getting repeated credit cameos during GotG2 and the two part Avengers: Infinity War, so that after Thanos is dealt with Marvel launches things back up with a Hulk flick that’s had multiple credit scenes of build-up. Just a thought.


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