Idiots Deny The Order: 1886’s 5 Hour Length

“Those are just rumors by Xbox fanboys duhhhh”

“The devs came out and said it’s longer so ha The Order is longer”

These are the sorts or moronic comments I am seeing littered over the internet. No, okay, a FULL PLAYTHROUGH of The Order: 1886 was leaked a few days ago, and it was five hours WITH all the unskippable cutscenes included. It was nowhere near a speed run, with the player dying multiple times, pausing repeatedly to enjoy the game’s scenery and even going after a few collectibles. This is the true length of the game, for the average gamer.

Be in denial if you want, but the full-length proof was up on Youtube before the developers pulled it down, cough cough. It was an average paced run that exposed the game’s true length, something that Ready at Dawn is actively lying about to try and damage control the truth. Be a sheep if you want, but recognize that sheep-dom is going to render you sixty dollars poorer after only three hours of gameplay and two hours of cutscenes.

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