Review of “The Interview” (THEY RELEASED IT!)

Seth Rogen and James Franco team up to fight communists, North Korea and censorship, resulting in the best comedy of the year!… Even though the real punchline is that Sony grew a pair and released the movie at all. So, before I give my thoughts and opinions on the film itself, I’d like to personally thank Sony for releasing it, Obama and Mitt Romney for endorsing its release (isn’t it great when we can come together as a country for the common good?) and most importantly, North Korea for providing us with one of the most triumphant stories of overcoming censorship in decades.


The Interview is a great comedy and overall movie. Sure, it’s got the Seth Rogen dick jokes we’ve all come to expect, but for once Rogen has decided to inject some more serious humor to his movie. Let’s not fool ourselves, a good ninety percent of the movie is still funny in that way you’re not proud to be laughing at, but that other ten percent allows for some nice contrast. Seth Rogen plays himself and does it well (like every other movie he does), but James Franco was the real star here. He managed to make one of the most obnoxiously written, child-like TV show host characters into a lovable goof of a celebrity, and for that I applaud him. And out of left field came Randall Park, providing one of the best performances I’ve seen all year as the North Korean dictator himself, Kim Jong-un.  Kim has been made out to be both the psychotic tyrant we believe him to be but also shows a more intimate side, and the fact that Randall Park managed to make such a bipolar take on an insane dictator endearing is flabbergasting.

In terms of writing, it’s solid. There are the cheap jokes, the gasp/cringe jokes, the surprisingly clever jokes, the racial jokes, the Katy Perry jokes and even one joke that covers the entire length of the movie (aside from the premise itself). In other words, mostly everyone will find something to laugh at. I don’t know how to share just how funny the movie was without spoiling the gags, but I can say that I laughed heartily at almost every bit (excluding a scene where Rogen shoves a container up his ass and a second scene where *SPOILER* Rogen gets a few of his fingers chewed off).

One small thing worthy of mention is the surprisingly good CGI in the film. I wasn’t expecting to buy into the special effects of the film, but they really did wonders with their budget.

In short, if you have any inkling to see this movie, I implore you to see it right now, either on Google Play, Youtube, or in a local theatre if you have one near you that plans on showing it (Dipson theatres are, so check them out!). If you want to fight censorship, support democracy, and do your duties as a member of the free world, see this movie! And most importantly, if you just want a good time courtesy of Seth Rogen and James Franco, then you have every reason to go and see The Interview.


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