Murdered: Soul Suspect — Why to Avoid Mainstream Media

It’s been a while since a game got such an undeserved bad rep from the mainstream media that I felt I needed to speak up against it, and Murdered: Soul Suspect is the most recent example. Sites like IGN giving it a 5.5? What a joke. This is a fantastic game (no formal review yet as I’m not very far into it) that seems to hearken back the point-and-click adventures that started gaming as we know it, and just because it’s not L.A. Noire major media outlets instantly flunk it on their tunnel-vision review scales. murdered soul suspect screen

The game is different. Very different, in fact, from other detective games, other adventure games, and just other video games in general by modern standards. Does that mean it’s bad? According to major publications like Digital Spy, Destructoid, Metro and a bevy of others, that’s exactly what it means. But when I play this game, I see a level of thought and love put into a carefully crafted product that I haven’t seen in a long time as far as the gaming industry is concerned. Square Enix might have to spew out a new Final Fantasy every-so-often to keep the cash flowing, but this is why they really exist. To create unique experiences like this that other developers couldn’t even fathom, such as Ubisoft with all of their bullshit “innovation”. Murdered: Soul Suspect is the first game I’ve seen in years that manages to tap into something classic (point and click gameplay) and weave it with modern gameplay inclusions (demon hunting) to create an entirely fresh and cohesive experience. But maybe that’s the problem. These major outlets don’t want something new, maybe they just want the next Assassin’s Creed. Or the next Batman Arkham game. Or something that’s nothing more than a fresh coat of paint on an old car, rather than an entirely new vehicle altogether.


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