What Are You Most Excited for at E3 2014?

2014’s E3 conference may not feature many exciting games being released this year (*cough* Batman Arkham Knight *cough*), but it’s planned to be chock full of some great previews for 2015’s release line up.

Personally, seeing as Star Wars Battlefront is my favorite game series of all time, I’m unspeakably excited for DICE’s preview that is confirmed to appear at E3. For me at least, the hype is unequivocally real. While I do have a lingering fear that they may not include the popular third person mode from the previous two entries in the series, that is digression and for another post.

So what are you most excited for? Or are you one of the people that doesn’t get excited because they saw what happened to Watch_Dogs and understands most games on display won’t even be available for at least two years (accounting in advance for inevitable delays)? Feel free to share your thoughts or just be satiated with this article.


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