The Craziest Civ 5 Loss Ever

This needs sharing, pronto.

So, I’m Russia and the only other opponent in my league (we’re in the endgame, in an online match that somehow survived ’til the very end) is some punk playing as Germany.

I have a capital boasting somewhere in the neighborhood of 230+ hammers of production, easily my best production-per-city record ever. That number is legendary. It was beautiful. Not to mention my science was at 380, not fantastic but nothing to scoff at.

Well, little Germany is piddling its thumbs over on a different continent, swirling lies in the game chat and being nothing more than a petty nuisance. Hell, according to demographics he and I were tied as far as research goes, and obviously my production was beating his exponentially.

Somehow that Bismark-moustached bastard pulled far enough ahead of me in the last thirty turns of the game to research all the rocket parts before I could. And, I mean, I was churning those parts out (after researching them) in two turns flat, WITHOUT a spaceship part factory no less. And even though he took substantially longer to build each part, he still managed to beat me to the last part by ONE TURN.

It was a 267 turn match, when Germany won. I would’ve won on 268. I would’ve done Mother Russia proud. But instead, I get a hideous pseudo-Wolfenstein ending. Dammit.

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