Amazing Spider-Man 2: Coolest Easter-Egg

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was full of nice Easter-eggs with which to tease hardcore Spidey fans, such as Allistaire Smythe and Felicia Hardy making appearances in the film, but one particular secret stood out. After seeing the movie twice, I finally noticed why there’s no post-credits bit: Because the credits ARE the post-credits bit.

During the credits, if you pay attention to the background, not the names of the hardworking people who made the movie, you can see blueprints for the overwhelming majority of the Sinister Six characters. Blueprints for Mysterio’s mask, Green Goblin’s hover-jet thing, Doc Ock’s tentacles, and Vulture’s wings all make a final appearance while the credits are rolling, and I deem it an especially noteworthy way to make the credits fun.


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