Capcom’s Commercial Copout

As the title states, gamers everywhere might soon be seeing an end to Capcom’s reign as one of the most honored and revered gaming publishers in history. Capcom’s recent financial state has lead to a lot of speculation about how soon it will be before the company dies, as they only have enough money to fund about one Triple A budget game. That’s all the cash the company has in liquid savings, and that’s nowhere near enough to sustain them for more than two years.

To the fighting game community, Capcom’s demise will be a tragedy, one that will be spoken of in whispers and tears for years to come. Not only did Capcom provide gamers with a steady trickle of quality fighting games that set the bar for one-on-one fighters, but they created some of the most well-known gaming mascots in the world. From Ryu to Blanka, Capcom has been the home of many highly-regarded fighting games and characters.

To the action game community, Capcom has been kind of like a diner that you accidentally come across on a family road trip. Sure, there’s a chance the food will taste delicious and homemade, but alternatively, it might be overly greasy, tasteless and unprofessional. Capcom achieved that homemade wonder with last year’s Remember Me, a brand new franchise that introduced an exciting new female protagonist to gamers everywhere. Adversely, they released Lost Planet 3 just a month ago, which did literally nothing but slap fans of the series right in the face. And when it comes to Resident Evil, there are probably more internet flame wars regarding the series than there are regarding presidential candidate debates.

To the investors, Capcom is about as bad a company to invest in as there is. Capcom is known for their shady market practices such as on-disc DLC (pay extra for something you already physically purchased) and repeatedly upgrading games for high prices with minimal content boosts, but they also lack the ability to advertise. Lost Planet 3 didn’t even reach top 20 on UK sales charts in its first week of release, reaching 26 and rapidly sinking thereafter. That’s bad, considering games that were an entire year old were reaching the top 10. And with Remember Me, you had to literally dig inside every cavity of Capcom’s social media outlets to even hear a trace of it, let alone see it at a convention or see a commercial for it. It probably sold less than a 100,000 copies because 99.99% of gamers haven’t even heard of it. This is probably the heart of why they’re bombing currently, because if you can’t get people to even hear about your game, good luck selling it.

And Capcom nails the coffin shut with their response statement to these troubling sales figures with “the future for us is with digital distribution and DLC”. Yes, they’re going to turn to the practice that lead to their initial financial decline and try and turn big bucks out of it. Capcom, do you know what would save your company? Another Megaman game!!

(The reason for this article being so formal is that it was written for another source in advance, but they did not need it so I thought I’d pass it on to you guys!)

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