Review of “World War Z”

To sum up the following review: Brad Pitt and forgettable company trek the globe to find a cure for a zombie outbreak, which results in a really good movie (you can go see it now).

If the brief one sentence review didn’t strike your fancy, here’s something a little longer: Brad Pitt and his family are caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak, Brad is then recruited into the military, and everywhere they travel zombies follow. Once Brad hits the scene, it’s only a matter of minutes before shit hits the fan and he’s got to escape thousands of undead, eventually climaxing in him *spoiler* the zombies with *spoiler* and reaching his *spoiler*. The first and last acts of the movie are flipping scary, and I was shitting bricks for the first and last forty minutes of the film. The zombie sound effects department should get ninety percent of the profits for this movie, as they’re probably the one reason I found World War Z scary. Clicking and clacking and all kinds of creepy shit made this the movie you bring Mr. Cuddles the teddy bear to for emotional support.

The middle act of this movie that I avoided associating with horror is the bevy of action-packed scenes that everyone saw in the trailers. It’s a fun romp through Jerusalem, complete with thousands of zombies climbing over each other to scale massive walls, zombies hiding in airplane refreshment containers, and zombies f*cking up Palestine’s civilian population. Oh, and Brad Pitt does a lot of epic dodges and stuff (like we didn’t see that coming).

While the movie in no way maintains the heavy politics of the book it’s based off of, it managed to be the best zombie-related material I’ve ever experienced (The Walking Dead sucks… *troll face*), and actually gave me nightmares the night after. If you want to see Brad Pitt, zombies and more of Brad Pitt in a CGI extravaganza, World War Z is the movie for you.

Interesting side note: Once you go see this movie, you’ll notice the ending kind of sucks and leaves room for a money-obsessed sequel. Well, in my research of why the ending was so lackluster, I came across a tidbit. Remember how World War Z filming was halted a few months back when they were filming a battle in Russia and some Hungarian organization seized their “prop” weapons? Well, the scene they were filming was actually supposed to be the finale to the movie and because of the whole fiasco they had to create a consolation finale (the one we have now). They supposedly had plans to make a trilogy anyway, but I feel like the battle in Russia would’ve been a more satisfying finale. Still, go see the movie and love it.


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