Sony E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference Thoughts

Sony’s been the focus of my gaming attention for quite a while now, as I’ve had literally zero interest in the Xbox One, even before its official announcement (and when the announcement came… well, we all know how that went). So, as I’m watching the stream of Sony’s Playstation presentation, I’m really happy. Really happy. Like a kid who found out he could have a date with Emma Stone after his Saturday morning cartoons. There’s only one thing nagging me, and it’s one of those pesky nags. Like a parent telling you to take the dog out, or having to procrastinate practicing your violin. It’s that portly white guy, when discussing the PSN’s features, made it sound an awful lot like online play will require a PSN+ subscription. This was the one thing that I always felt Sony had the upper hand with, and now they’ve (seemingly) thrown that advantage out the window. Fuck, Sony, I was about to sign on as a loyal will-be PS4 buyer. Now I have to reconsider.

*Update: It’s official now, Sony is pulling a Microsoft and charging for online multiplayer. That’s annoying, really annoying. Not a deal breaker obviously, a lot of good stuff is on the horizon for Sony, but c’mon guys. C’mon. I thought we were better than that.

**Even more current update: Sony’s used game policies were fantastic as it was, but even better, $399 price tag. That’s orgasmic. God Bless America (or Buddha or Kratos or whatever you like).


3 thoughts on “Sony E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference Thoughts”

    1. Yeah, the free games that PS+ provides will probably balance out most of the price, which is cool. It’s just, I hate seeing Sony adopting Microsoft-isms.

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