Review of “Fast & Furious 6”

What’s better than hot cars, women and high budget explosions? All of that with a good script, that’s what!FastandFurious6-teaserposter

Completely contradicting my expectations (which were at an absolute zero, going into this movie expecting a low end race car flick [having never seen a full Fast & Furious movie before]), Fast & Furious 6 turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, if not the best; as far as action is concerned. The constant cacophony of cursing, rubber burning, tires spinning, fists punching and guns firing might be a bit too much for some, but for anyone who digs loud, hardcore action movie with a healthy dose of quality writing, Fast 6 is the film to see.

The plot, while not revolutionary, is serviceable: Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and the crew have thrown in the towel on criminalism and are reaping the rewards of their Rio heist from Fast 5 when Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), their former opposition, turns up asking for assistance. He needs help taking down a quasi-terrorist named Shaw (Luke Evans), and only Dom’s team is capable of doing it. This culminates in Dom and Hobbs getting in fast cars once again to chase down the man with a plan and stop him before he can shut down power all across England via a super computer chip (although there’s an app for that too, I’m betting).

Acting, writing and plot are never the central focus for a movie like this, but Fast 6 surprises. Everyone brings their A game and it does wonders for making the overall story a worthwhile emotional investment. And as for the story, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, which allows for depth not typically seen in these kinds of movies. The writing is the icing on the cake, with witty dialogue across the board and a lot of spot-on lowbrow humor that’s sure to snag some giggles from anyone who’s not uptight.

As far as the action and hot cars go, Fast 6 completely dominates. While there’s one scene involving people vaulting out of cars across a bridge that’s too far fetched to be enjoyable, the rest of the movie has a sort of feasibility that really lets you savor the action and imagine if it were to happen in reality. The cars are fast and the focus of the movie, but a lot of the action comes in the form of traditional fist and gun fights, both of which are staged dramatically and with a lot of tension. Without any spoilers, you will NOT see some of the shocking moments in this movie coming, and not every fight ends with a “tiptoe through the tulips” feeling. It’s hardcore, as was previously mentioned.

Overall, Fast 6 is simply put the best summer action movie available right now for your viewing pleasure. It shares that exclusive “perfect summer movie” pedestal with MI: Ghost Protocol, and it’s definitely worth seeing.


2 thoughts on “Review of “Fast & Furious 6””

  1. Bravo for noticing that Fast 6 was unusual for an action movie. I highly suggest you watch the previous Fast and Furious movies and you will see why. There is a huge underlying theme that will make you appreciate things a lot more. Fast 6 also serves as tying in all the previous movies together so if you have not seen them you will miss some of that experience. Fast 6 is amazing but its purely breath taking when you have seen the franchise as a whole.

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