Review of The Walking Dead (Xbox Live Arcade)

Game of the year? No. A sort of cool point-and-click? Definitely.imagesCA3V4EC1

If you don’t know what the Walking Dead video game series by Telltale Games is, you’re a loser who needs to get off this blog. Otherwise, you’re here to read about if it’s worth your time and money or not. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll just flat-out say it: The Walking Dead is worth it if you can get the complete package (all five episodes) for under twenty bucks.

The Walking Dead does exactly what it sets out to do: Create a story that grips you and makes you feel like you’re REALLY a part of the adventure, something that most games fail at. I really attached to characters like Carly and Kenny, as they had traits and personalities that I could bond with. As creepy as it sounds, the Walking Dead is less about zombies and the apocolypse and more about an interactive eHarmony where you can learn to love virtual characters. That’s where your money is going.

There IS a really solid plot throughout the five episodes, but some of the end-game stuff is just a bit too far-fetched and/or dumb. The overwhelming majority of stuff is great though, so don’t think I’m being overly critical.

When it comes down to it, these are the pros and cons of the Walking Dead:

-Great characters
-Surprisingly effective zombie-filled setting
-Storyline that you actually care about
-easy achievements (?)

-Little to no actual gameplay
-Lasts around eleven hours
-Limited choices
-The delusion that your inputs actually count towards something

That last con is gonna spark some controversy, but lets get real. The game gives you choices, yes, but regardless which one you pick, the REAL results aren’t up to you. The game will get what it wants one way or another, and if you replay the Walking Dead more than once you’ll see that firsthand. I recommend you pick it up if you want a game for drinking soda to at one A.M. and crying into a pillow over. Anyone who just wants a fun time and a good video game, look elsewhere.


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