Top 3 Unsung Heroes of 2012 Gaming (Xbox 360)

After deliberating long and hard, I keep feeling the need to make an honorable mentions list. Sure, the top 5 list was full of quality games, but there were a few other titles that came darn close to win my GOTY as well. As I see the “best of 2012” blog post season is still in full swing, what better a time than now for me to acknowledge the runners up of this year’s gaming highlights?

3.) Max Payne 3

This game rocked my socks, to the core. I actually enjoyed the story of this more than any other video game I’ve played to date, and that’s something worth mentioning. When a game gets you emotionally driven and encourages you to continue the balls-to-the-wall gameplay just to see the next cutscene, you know something is good. Really good.            

2.) Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (Xbox Live Arcade)

Even if it doesn’t make you sh*t yourself quite as much as the original Alan Wake, it still serves as a frightful reminder to how good an arcade title can be. It takes a lot for an arcade game to impress me, and most just sink to the depths of my Xbox’s hard drive, relatively unloved (Trials Evolution review coming soon). Yes, Wake’s adventure was something to be marveled at this year, delivering the content of a full retail release and the quality of a triple A title within the price and data constraints of an Xbox Live Arcade title.

1.) Resident Evil 6RE6-21512-15

I was REALLY on the fence as to whether I wanted this as my #5 GOTY or TC’s: Ghost Recon, and we all know who won that battle (and if you don’t, be sure to click this link to see my Top 5 Games of 2012). Although Ghost Recon got the title by a hair, RE6 is nothing short of outstanding. With four intertwining campaigns, fantastic co-op, fun multiplayer and all-around great atmosphere, this game deserves its title as best honorable mention game of 2012.


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