Review of “The Asylum” Escape Plan DLC

Is it worth the twenty five cent sale price? Yes. Is it worth five frickin’ dollars? No.images

The Asylum adds another fourty or so levels to the hundred and twenty (if you include the free Bakuki’s lair DLC) that are already in Escape Plan. Not only that, but it adds quirky little costumes for your two inky blobs, Lil and Laarg to dress up in. It’s fun to pass the time seeing your two little characters roam around in gladiator outfits through the new and dangerous levels, but none of them stand out as something that absolutely demands attention for this DLC.

If Fun Bits Interactive starts spitting out more DLC priced at a quarter, it’ll be worth it. But for five bucks, an hour of content just isn’t enough.

For the full review of Escape Plan, click here.

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