Review of RE6 “Predator” DLC

I loved Resident Evil 6, I really did. But at the same time, buying DLC from Capcom is like buying candy from a guy in a back alley… not a very safe thing. So is this single mode worth the four dollar price tag? Read on to find out!re6_predator_ustanak_01

Synopsis: You play as Ustanak for one round, and as an agent fighting Ustanak for the other five rounds.

It’s one mode, but it allows you to use all of the alternate costumes and skills that you unlocked in RE6’s other multiplayer modes. That means you can fight Ustanak in Helena’s cop outfit <instant win>. In all seriousness though, the carry-over of alt-costumes is cool and I’m glad this mode isn’t completely isolated from the rest of the game.

With that said, this one mode is awesome. I chose to get this instead of the three-mode DLC pack because only this one looked interesting, and it was definitely worth it. Playing as Ustanak is surprisingly fast-paced, and he moves much more swiftly than can be anticipated for someone his size. His moveset consists of about six different attacks, and they’re all effective in getting massive kill-streaks. You can even upgrade from his claw arm to his shotgun arm, if you’re skilled enough during the match.

Being an agent versing Ustanak is surprisingly fun. This mode isn’t just run away from the big scary monster, its bury bullets into the head of the big scary monster. And with a team of four other agents and yourself, the odds of achieving that are pretty good. You can actually kill Ustanak before the round is over, but you have to make every bullet count. You get very limited ammo and only a few people have clubs and melee weapons.

Overall, Predator is a fun distraction. It might not be as attention-holding as the Mercenaries mode is, but the well-developed Ustanak gameplay and the cat-chase-mouse premise keep things fun for a few hours. I definitely recommend if you have four bucks burning a hole in your digital wallet you check this DLC out. Besides, for the first time in a while from Capcom it’s not already on the disc!


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