Top Gaming Oddities of 2012

There were a lot of surprises throughout the gaming season of 2012, and whether they were good or bad is about to be discovered.

Surprisingly Awesome Game of 2012: Max Payne 3Max-Payne-3

Now, everyone but me already had uber-high expectations for Max Payne 3. Me, well, I don’t really care that much for Rockstar games so I wasn’t super interested. Then, a copy of Max Payne somehow found its way to my Xbox… and I was hooked. It had the most gripping story of a game this generation, possibly of all time. The difficulty nearly got me to rage quit, but the story was just too good to leave unfinished.

Surprisingly Disappointing Game of 2012: Transformers Fall of Cybertron

It’s not a bad game. I recognize that. But its not the massive improvement over Transformers: WFC that Highmoon promised us. No co-op, no unique multiplayer updates, no nothing. There were just too many steps into the realm of cliche` for me to be okay with this game.

Best Ending of 2012: Assassin’s Creed IIIAC3_announce_trailer_thumbnail_BIGtcm4140490

I don’t even know why I liked the ending so much, but I did. And this is NOT including all that nonsense with Desmond, I loved this ending because of Connor. If you disregard all the “end of the world Nirvana Dharma Karma Voodoo” nonsense from the modern day story and focus solely on the ending that Connor Kenway got after the American Revolution, you see a really deep ending that has no real winners. Sure, Connor’s accomplished his goals, taken down Charles Lee and saved his village, but it’s only temporary. Connor realizes in the end the Americans will do the same thing to his villages that the British would’ve, and realizes his fight was for nothing. It brings us full circle with our humanity, that we’re all just pawns on a bigger board.

Worst Ending of 2012: Mass Effect 3

Before the DLC endings, Mass Effect 3’s ending sucked. Nothing more to say about it.

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