Top 5 Movies of 2012

What movies from this year should you be adding to your DVD (’cause DVD’s are the jam) collection? Read on to find out!

Number 5.) The AvengersThe Avengers

In a year jam-packed with superhero flicks, the Avengers was a no-brainer. While it didn’t quite trump some of the other awesome super hero films of the year, it was definitely pretty great. Seeing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and the gang all in one place at the same time was monumental and easily one of the greatest cinematic moments of the year.

Number 4.) Skyfall

Skyfall was just a really well-rounded movie. The soundtrack? Amazing. The acting? Amazing. The plot? Impressively solid and interesting, as far as Bond movies go. I really can’t help but recognize it as the definitive Bond film.

Number 3.) The Amazing Spider-ManimagesCAEV1WVG

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was dry-eyed at hearing about Toby McGuire’s departure from Spider-Man. He was all right, but honestly, Andrew Garfield takes everything that made him good and multiplies it five times over. He’s the definitive Spidey, and there’s so much more depth to his non-superhero self this time around. And how can we forget about Emma Stone. She’s fantastic. As always.

Number 2.) The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan pretty much reserved a spot on everybody’s top __ movie list this year with TDKR. Not only did it neatly wrap up the best superhero trilogy of all-time, but it felt satisfying, as so few movies do nowadays. It really provided a detailed, lengthy plot, an ounce of superhero magic, the best ending of anything ever, and an overall extremely impressive three hour epic.

Number 1.) Wreck-It Ralph

I know that a lot of you are on the verge of clicking away after seeing the number one spot go to this movie, but wait! Don’t go! I have reasons as to why Wreck-It Ralph is the best of 2012. If seeing all of the best video game characters of the decade on the big screen wasn’t enough, Disney finally managed to muster up something that might possibly be as awesome as Toy Story, which is no small feat. The characters were memorable, the worlds were memorable, and its the best thing to come out of Disney in a while. Not only is it an instant classic, but it provides us gamers with something we’ve always wanted: Sonic, Pac-Man and Dig Dug in a movie. Together.

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