Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack DLC Review

This’ll be my review of the Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack.

Sound: Mazuri boasts really impressive music, with the drums and whistles really making you feel as though you’re in the heart of the African Savannah. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: Sonic Unleashed provides amazing graphics and visuals that are sure to dazzle your eyes. Presentation: 9.5/10

Gameplay: This is where things go downhill, and fast. Out of the six new stages/missions included in this Adventure Pack, only one or two of them are actually fun. The others either consist of boring objectives, terrible level design or an overabundance of obstacles. Gameplay: 2.5/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: Playing through all of the levels will bring you to about a half hour, but considering how bad the majority of these stages are you probably won’t play any of them more than once. Length: 3/10

Overall: This DLC gets a 6/10, being a below average addition to the Sonic Unleashed Adventure Packs.


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