Review of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Xbox 360

This’ll be my Lego Pirates of the Caribbean review. Enjoy!

Sound: The music is so forgettable that the moment I quit out of the game I forgot I had just played Pirates of the Caribbean. Sound: 2/10

Presentation: The highlight of this game is no doubt the funny humor and charming chunkiness of the Lego appearance. Presentation: 8/10

Gameplay: The controls are great, but the actual gameplay isn’t. Unlike most other Lego games, this one is extremely boring and repetitive. Each level consists of rolling a barrel over to a platform, following a blue treasure map line, building a structure and then repeating. There is literally nothing whatsoever that adds variety to the gameplay, making you bored to tears each and every level. Gameplay: 2/10

Multiplayer: As with any Lego game, the multiplayer is always fun no matter how boring the game itself is. Multiplayer: 7/10

Length: Somewhat short, which is great because I’d never play this game for more than seven hours. Length: 2/10

Overall: This game gets a well-deserved 4.2/10, being a terribly boring experience that’s just an excuse for Lego to take your money.

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