Review of Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca DLC for Civilization 5

This’ll be a review of the Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca DLC for Civilization 5.

Sound: Fitting and well composed music for both civilizations. Sound: 8.5/10

Presentation: The same as any other part of Civilization 5, with nothing unique or distinctive on the scenario maps. Presentation: 8/10

Gameplay: The two new characters themselves have fantastic abilities and bonuses that really spice up the gameplay during normal civilization matches, and the new scenario is extremely fun as well. The scenario has you explore, dominate and conquer the South American continent while looking for treasure as the Europeans (France, England and Spain) or defending your native lands as the Indians (Incan Empire, Iroquois and Aztecs). Either side is fun to play as, and you’ll have fun with it until the one hundred turn timer runs out. Gameplay: 10/10

Multiplayer: N/A

Length: The scenario last about two hours on its own, and with two new characters to play as in the normal civilization, the length of time you should have enjoying this new Double Civilization and Scenario Pack should last for quite a while. Length: 10/10

Overall: This DLC gets a 9.1/10! It’s a fantastic addition to Civilization 5, and in my opinion a lot more fun than the Polynesia DLC.


4 thoughts on “Review of Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca DLC for Civilization 5”

      1. Too late. That was on sale, too. 🙂

        But I may not get around to actually playing it before your review, since I’m playing about six different games already!

        1. Tell me about it. Thanks to the sales, I’ve got XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the backburner until I wrap up Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, Halo, etc.

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