Civilization 5 Tips Part 2

This’ll be the second tip guide for Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. To check out the first, click here.

Steam Achievement Tip: Beat the game on the earth map. The “Battlefield Earth” achievement will then be unlocked.

Civilization 5 Domination Victory Walkthrough:
A.) Pick a civilization with strong war attributes, preferably Oda Nobunaga of Japan.
B.) Pick Pangea as the map type so you can start dominating in the first few turns of the game.
C.) Seek out as many other civilizations on the map with scouts as fast as you can. A war is always easier when they don’t know your location but you know theirs.
D.) Focus on building military units, and keep building cities to increase production.
E.) Try to conquer as many other civilizations as you can early on in the game, before they get a chance to expand.
F.) Focus on the lower half of the tech tree. It’s primarily for civilizations going after a domination victory. Also, build as many defense-enhancing World Wonders as you can (the Great Wall, the Kremlin).
If you do all of this and keep on vigorously pressing the attack on opposing civilizations, you should have a pretty good shot at winning a domination victory.


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