Civilization 5 Tips

This is going to be a tip/walkthrough guide for Civilization 5.

Steam Achievement Tip: In Civilization 5, there is an achievement for going all the way around the map and making a path back to the exact tile you started on. An easy way to unlock this is to choose a Pangea map, and have a scout trek across the whole thing (you’ll need the Optics technology for this to work). Achievement unlocked: Magellan

Next, here’s a walkthrough of how to win a cultural victory pretty easily.
A.) Pick Gandhi as your character.
B.) Select Archipelago as your map type (makes it harder for other players to go to war with you).
C.) Build two cities. And two cities only.
D.) Build all the culture-friendly World Wonders you can.
E.) Over the course of the game, stay focused on the science/culture half of the Tech Tree.
And that should give you a very good shot at winning a cultural victory!


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