Review of Game Party: In Motion for Xbox 360 Kinect

This review is going to pretty much tell why you should NOT spend $40 on this game. But why, why does this game just not work? Read on to find out.

Sound: I really didn’t notice much of any music whatsoever in this game. A few minor tunes while you play are present, but nothing else, really. Sound: 2/10

Presentation: This menu system is disappointing. And that’s putting it mildly. With two or more players within view of the Kinect, selecting a menu option is the most difficult task in the game. Yes, eventually you might be able to properly do it without too much hassle, but getting to that point would take way more effort and time then any gamer should have to put in. Presentation: 3/10

Gameplay: This is not a game that represents the Kinect in a positive way. Most of the time it won’t read you correctly, and when it actually does for a change, the movements are stiff and jerky. Take darts, for example. I move my arm in a throwing motion. But the game seems to think I’m still holding on to it. Now, after I repeat that about 12 times, it throws it. There are so many complexities in this game, that eventually it’s just not fun to try and learn how to play anymore. There are a few mildly entertaining moments in the game, such as when you play Bocci Ball, but overall it’s just a tedious mess of a game. Gameplay: 5/10

Multiplayer: The whole game is pretty much a multiplayer experience. All the problems I listed before are present here, except for now there’s even less room to move around in. Double Racquetball and Hoop Shoot are probably the only fun games that don’t have you constantly ramming into the other person playing. 3/10

Length: The game frustrated me so much I spent less than 3 hours playing it until I couldn’t take it anymore. But if you spend countless hours learning every little intricacy in the game, no doubt you could squeeze some minor fun out of it that would lengthen game time. 5/10

Overall average score: This game gets my lowest score to date, a 3.6. Seeing the game disc makes me shudder.


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