Review of Tron: Evolution by Disney

With the new movie “Tron Legacy” on its way, of course the video game will follow shortly after. But does it live up to the Tron standard, or is it one game that should be permanently derezzed?

To start, Tron: Evolution takes place in between the two Tron movies, and bridges the gap between the two plots. The outline of the story is that a lone system monitor is out to stop Clu’s rise to power, along with stopping the deadly virus infecting all the programs on the grid.

So, onwards with the review!

Sound: This game has some very cool techno tracks that fit the intensity of light-disc battling perfectly. It even has a bit of music from Daft Punk, the duo who composed all the music for Tron Legacy. Aside from the music, the voice acting is great as well, with the actors from the actual movie recording their voices for the game. Sound: 9/10

Presentation: The menus are nice, but nothing special. In the game, though, the visuals are fantastic. Seeing your neon-blue lightcycle speed around looks so fluid and crisp, and for a Tron game visuals are everything. Well, mostly everything. Presentation: 8/10Gameplay: Tron is repetitive. That’s a fact. The single player story mode consists of flinging your light-disc around constantly until all the enemies are derezzed. Then you climb across some platforms, run across a wall or two, and then repeat. Running across a wall does look cool, but the controls are slippery so every 1 out of 10 times you actually do pull off a wall run correctly, it feels a little more tedious then it should. Gameplay: 4.5/10

Multiplayer: This is where the game delivers. Here, you feel like a real program, making 90 degree lightcycle turns to cut-off your enemy. It’s fun, and of course there’s the ability to customize your grid layout to become the ultimate Tron grid battler. Online multiplayer delivers, offering variety and satisfying combat. Multiplayer: 8/10Length: This game can keep you entertained for about 7 or so hours with the single player story mode. But if you play online too, that’s another couple hours of fun. Length: 7.5/10

Average Score: Tron Evolution gets 7.4 light discs out of 10. A middle of the road title that’s not very good but not very bad, and is at the top of its game online.


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